MOONSTONE Bipolar Cups


MOONSTONE bipolar cups are mechanically assembled in clean room to guarantee a high level of cohesion between the polyethylene liner and the metal shell, and a perfect cleanliness of the assembly.

MOONSTONE cups are available :

  • in constrained version by deformation or with a locking ring,
  • in inner diameter 22.2 or 28mm (28mm from the outer diameter 43mm)
  • in “odd” outer diameter by bimillimetric increments¬†in sizes 41¬†to 59 (43 to 59 in constrained version by deformation)
  • in “even” outer diameter by bimillimetric increments in sizes 42 to 56 only in version with a locking ring

The MOONSTONE cups are made of stainless steel according ISO 5832-1 (shell) and UHMWPE according ISO 5834-1 & 2.



Moonstone catalogue

Moonstone CE Cert

JIS Moonstone MDA Cert No 035546

JIS Moonstone Instruments MDA Cert No 035467